Our Mission

What We Plan To Accomplish

Conducting an international think tank headquartered in Zurich with influence all throughout Europe in order to position Switzerland and the EU as prominent players in the alternative protein space.

Initiating and supporting the establishment an incubator of gathering scientists, experts, and funds to aid the creation of new start-ups actively developing relevant and innovative technologies in the sphere of alternative proteins.

Reaching out to major food companies, entrepreneurs, relevant business people and the academic world to provide information and insights.

Engaging influencers to support our cause and generate positive mainstream media attention about cellular agriculture, plant-based protein, and other new technologies that have a positive impact on current manufacturing processes and ethics.

Identify high-impact opportunities in the plant-based and cellular agriculture segments and then lobby public institutions, specifically governments and the United Nations, for additional support.

Hold a large annual conference detailing the current status of the food ecosystem, emerging technologies, developments and trends. Smaller and equally informative gatherings throughout Europe are also necessary.